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One of the most important training and cultural aspects of the Chinese Kung Fu is the Lion Dance. This ancient Chinese tradition is often performed by kung fu practitioners to chase away the evil sprits, and bring good luck and prosperity for the coming year. The dance is accompanied by loud music played on large drum, gong and cymbals. The use of firecrackers, drums, gongs and cymbals are related to the role of the lion in dispelling evil and bringing good luck - evil being afraid of loud noise. Chinese Lion dance is a part of many celebrations and festivities throughout the year such as the opening of restaurants, weddings, and especially on Chinese New Year.

Lion dancing develops strength, flexibility and endurance as well as the ability to work in team and overcome obstacles through group effort.

Shaolin Kung Fu International Lion Dance Team is lead by Master Peter Chan. Our performances have ranged from huge elaborate events such as live CCTV broadcast, corporate conventions, stage performances, shows, to birthday parties, store grand openings and weddings.

As professionals, we are skilled at working together with you to ensure the best possible performance to suit your particular event.

Prices for performances depend on the event and type of performance the organization desires.

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