Master: Zheng, Shouli (Shi Yan Li)
04/2004 Participated in the major wushu stage theater, "Strange Tales of Kung Fu" by the Tianchuang International Performing Company. Travel with the performing group to America and Canada.

07/2004 Gold medal at the 4th Shaolin Zimen School competition

07/2005 Appointed to serve as the head judge by the Chinese Association for Traditional Wushu Competition

05/2006 Formerly accredited as coach by the Shandong Wushu Association due to excellent competition records

06/2006 Invited to act in many wushu television dramas by the Wuxi Central Television at its location venue of "Shuifu Movie City."

11/2006 Recognized as the 7th degree Wushu athlete by the Ziwu School Kungfu Study Association

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