Master: Wang, Quan (Shi Yan Wang)
2001 Gold medal in the Shaolin Ziwu School wushu tournament

07/2002 Male all around championship in the national Shaolin Ziwu School wushu tournament

11/2002 1st place in the youth "traditional fist" category (twin whip) at the Winter Wushu athletic tournament

10/2004 Received national wushu 7th degree recognition by the Chinese Shaolin Ziwu School Wushu Study Institute. Served as a performing member at the "Zhongshan Movie City" At Shandong.

05/2005 choreographed a major wushu stage theater, "Reincarnation of Ziwu-Heroes of Liaoshan." Served as a coach for the Liaoshan wushu academy. Invited by the Shandong Television,CCTV as well as Dongsen Television in Taiwan to perform. Because of his excellent performance, also invited to travel to Germany and France to perform.

06/2006 Received excellence award for performance and choreography at the Shandong International Cultural Industry Expo.

07/2006 served as a judge and coach of the national wushu tournament

10/2006 Head Judge at the Chinese Association for Traditional Wushu Competition

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