Master Ben Zhang is a disciple from the Shaolin Temple in China. He is recognized as one of the world's leading Chinese Martial Artists. A few of his many achievements:

    - International Cup Open Martial Arts Champion
    - International Kung Fu Champion
    - China National Grand Champion
    - China National Double Broadsword Champion
    - China National Outstanding Athlete
    - Hope Cup Wushu Grand Champion
    - Warrior Cup Wushu Grand Champion

He has represented the Shaolin Temple performing in many countries and has devoted his life to perfecting, teaching and promoting Shaolin Kung Fu.

Beyond his renowned skill as a martial artist, Master Ben holds a passion for teaching. He specializes in working with children and families at all skill levels, and develops his staff towards excellence in teaching to these individuals and groups.

The best way to learn about Master Ben is to come see him for yourself. He performs regularly and holds free outdoor clinics at various South Bay parks as well as offering special introductory classes to visitors to his school. Please feel free to stop in during any class and talk to parents and student about their experiences with Master Ben.

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