Master: Fan Shi Wen, (Shi Yan Wen)
Trained diligently under the guidance of his master and quickly moved his way
to become one of the most outstanding Shaolin warrior monks. Mastered the gist of traditional Shaolin forms, Baduanjin, drunken fist, Eagle Claw fist as well as authentic Shaolin internal techniques. Skilled in all Shaolin style weapons, Wuxing fist, Dahong fist, Yijinjing and other forms for internal training. Has deep understanding of the skills and styles of other wushu schools as well as Taiji.

03/2000 Traveled with the Shaolin performing group to perform in various nations of the

08/2003 1st place in the short weapon's category at the Hebei provincial "Shuhua"Cup

12/2003 1st place for soft whip at the National Winter Wushu Tournament

07/2005 1st place for broadsword at the 5th National Shaolin Ziwu School Wushu Tournament

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