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Kung Fu Classes For Children

At Shaolin Kung Fu International , we work hard to make your child's experience with the Kung Fu a safe and productive one. Training in Kung Fu has shown to help children become stronger and more focused, helps to improve character, develops strong self-discipline and a healthier self-image. Being better equipped with these positive attributes, can give your child the inner strength needed to avoid the many temptations children face today. Our Children's programs offer all these benefits to kids age 4 & up, through fun, age-appropriate activities and skills.

Your child's present and future success is important to all of us at Shaolin Kung Fu International . All the Instructors place a special emphasis on the mental attributes of concentration, patience and self-control as we work to perfect the physical principals of balance, timing, form and technique with your child.

- Effort and Concentration
- Character and Self Esteem
- Sincerity and Respect
- Self Control
- Etiquette

By stressing the above principles in our children's classes, Shaolin Kung Fu International has made a strong commitment to today's youth. Our specially structured programs for children of age 4 and above will improve your child's performance in all other sport activities as well as improving study habits and concentration.

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