Kung Fu Classes For Adults

Kung Fu training can offer the adult students many unique benefits. Whether you are a professional looking for that added mental edge in business, or just looking to be stronger and more energetic, or maybe you are concerned about the increase of violent crime nationwide. It makes sense to invest in yourself and prepare for the time when you may have to defend yourself.

Training at Shaolin Kung Fu International will give you the confidence that you need to take control of any situation. Not only will you learn the physical principals of self-defense, unity of mind and body, but also the mental awareness you will need to recognize and potentially avoid problem situations.

Recent health studies have shown that adults who workout regularly tend to have lower blood pressure, increased muscular strength, better flexibility and less body fat than those adults who do not exercise. The studies also show that adults who workout regularly could cope with higher levels of stress and have a more confident self-image.

- Improve reflexes, balance and coordination
- Increase energy level, strength and stamina
- Improve body shape and muscle tone
- Improve flexibility
- Weight loss and control
- Improve awareness of your body condition
- Better health and longevity

- Improve self-image and self-esteem
- Increase self-confidence and positive attitude
- Greater self-discipline and a "can-do" attitude
- Improve concentration, work and study habits
- Stress reduction and increased levels of relaxation
- The knowledge that you are able to protect yourself and your loved ones, should a life-threatening situation arise

Shaolin Kung Fu International