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M. Peters, Engineer
I started into Kung Fu because of my child. When he first started, he was very shy, not comfortable being on the floor by himself among strangers. Ben allowed me to accompany him for the first class. Ben did not spend any time specifically with me, but I watched what he was teaching the kids and followed along, providing an example for my son. I discovered after the class was over that I was exhausted and exhilarated. It only took me one more session to be totally hooked. Now, after more than a year, my son and I are both excited to be slowly working our way into weapons, a real motivator for both of us. It's been really fun, and I feel much more energetic and flexible overall. I recommend that every parent try it for a couple of months so that you better understand what your children are doing - you may find yourself like me, hooked on a really fun activity!

Dr. Yoshida, Teacher
A passage to my inner self, and it has been the most pleasurable and challenging experience in my adult life!

"Life is full of challenges until the last day of your time." This has always been my belief and source of motivation. Yet, as the responsibilities and challenges from work, family, etc., have increased, I have slipped into the routine commitment in life and lost sight of my inner self. �Wait a minute. Where is that 'me' I remember as a young adult full of energy, dreams, and hopes? Where did she go?� When that question arose in my mind, I took on Kung Fu. Socializing with other adults, who come from all areas of profession and background in a healthy environment that is nor directly related to my daily routine, did a miracle to my mental state. Learning the techniques, remembering forms, overcoming the hurdles of muscle pains and body aches, and more than anything, making the time to come to classes, all these have been new challenges that I had to learn to overcome. Some may take up Shaolin Kung Fu as a quest for truth of Zen philosophy. But personally, I believe the salvation shall come when I am in harmony and peace with myself. Training at the Shaolin Kung Fu International is a choice I made to find a passage to my inner self, and it has been the most pleasurable and challenging experience in my adult life! I would recommend Shaolin Kung Fu to all my friends.

G. Santosa, Banker
Shaolin Kung Fu International has become our second family.

I started my training May of 2001, right after I graduated from college. My brother waited for me to finish school so that we could train together. We were both really into it because of all the movies we have seen. The fact that we had 2 amazing teachers from China made the experience that much better because we were learning everything that we had expected to learn. Also watching them do the moves that we have seen in films just got us even more motivated. No I was not always excited to go to class, in fact, I did skip a few because I was scared to get yelled at. All together we had three teachers. Before class I always checked to see who would be teaching. If one particular teacher were to teach, I'd get all bent out of shape. At the end of that class, I'd complain to my brother about how hard the teacher was on me. Guess who that teacher happens to be, Master Zhang Ben Xue of course! Soon my brother quit and I was left alone. That's the time I befriended my now wushu sister, Jenny. We continued to train together and followed Zhang Sifu when he decided to start his school. We both fell in love with the sport and since everyone at the school is so friendly and nice, the school has become our second family. It was definitely not a smooth ride to get to where we are now. A lot of sweat was spilled, many nights going to bed with sore muscles, painful stretching routines, but all was worth it and I would not change a single thing if I could do everything over again. I encourage each one of my classmates at Shaolin Kung Fu International to continue to train well because the benefits are infinite. Do not get discouraged if you think that you're progressing really slowly. A progress is still a progress, no matter how slow it is. At the same time, remember to have fun and enjoy class that you attend. Believe in yourself or in your kids and everything will fall in its place with time.

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